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Novo mesto was built–just like Rome–on seven hills. That may be one of the reasons why so many legendary bands took root on the bend of the river Krka. These bands have inspired younger generations, which is why we are currently witnessing a new wave of music stemming from Novo mesto that is quickly gaining traction. The organizers, who experienced the eclectic vibrations and exceptional potential of this musical city first-hand, have decided to put together a festival that will strive to live up to and contribute further to the town’s musical reputation. The long-term plan is to establish the festival as a traditional and internationally renowned event that will attract fans of good music from far and near.

Photo: Festival novomeško poletje / Fifth evening of concerts / 21. 8. 2021 / Dan D at castle Grm / Foto Zula

Novomeško poletje festival debuted in 2021. Despite difficult circumstances the festival was a great success–judging by the smiling faces of the visitors. On the final evening of the festival, a Slovene radio show named Izštekani (Unplugged) took to the road and travelled to Novo mesto for the very first time. The show hosted the unplugged concert of the local band DMP that brought the festival to a close. The artists who performed at the very first Festival novomeško poletje were: Jurski par (Jure Longyka and Jure Tori), Daniel Vezoja, Dejan Slak, Tina Marinšek, Bort Ross & Nomadi, Dimek & Davor Klarič, Marina Martensson, Denis Beganović, Mario Babojelić, DAN D, and DMP – Društvo mrtvih pesnikov.

“Every concert turns out differently, but each is very important to us. However, playing on home turf is always a little bit more magical. We can’t take the credit. It simply happens when the crowd plays its own music that reverberates back to the stage. And their tune was sublime. Hats off to the fearless organisers of the festival and thank you to everyone who attended.”

Tokac, Dan D

Photo: Foto Alan Orlič

About the Festival nove novomeške glasbe

In order to enable local artists to perform locally, we arranged three musical evenings in 2020, as part of the first ever Festival nove novomeške glasbe. We will continue to organise the festival biennially. This time as part of the main Festival novomeško poletje, which will span seven evenings. The theme of the first Festival nove novomeške glasbe was the centenary of the Novo mesto Spring with emphasis on intimate singer-songwriter concerts of the new Novo mesto wave of music representatives. Culture is integral in lifting the spirits of the local community as well as the artists and musicians who help shape the encouraging atmosphere permeating Novo mesto. That is why we decided to launch the festival in 2020, despite the many challenges of the world-wide crisis.

“Great music, a pleasant event, and a wonderful venue. Novo mesto is written in capital letters on the map of Slovene popular music. It’s high time that Novo mesto draws its own, local, musical map.”

These are the words of Jure Longyka about the first Festival nove novomeške glasbe, which was held in the atrium of the castle Grm.

Photo: Alan Orlič

Festival novomeško poletje

In 2024, it will take place in as many as eight summer evenings.

Let live music resonate – ours, yours, Novo mesto!


Igor Ilić: self-employed in culture, producer, sound designer, SAE audio engineer, and director of Zavod produkcijska hiša Inja

Anja Pavlin: self-employed in culture, singer, producer, songwriter, singer with bands Tretji kanu and Indigo, co-founder of Zavod produkcijska hiša in založba Inja music, co-organiser of festival Novomeško poletje, and public relations specialist.

ZAVOD PRODUKCIJSKA HIŠA INJA, zavod za glasbeno produkcijo, promocijo in umetniško ustvarjanje

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Photo: The organisers Anja Pavlin and Igor Ilić from Zavod produkcijska hiša Inja music. Photographer: Maj Valerij
Photo, left to right: Marjan Pirnar (Športni center Košenice – technical support), Anja Pavlin, Klavdija Kotar (JSKD NM – festival partner) and Igor Ilić

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